AdaptiveNOC helps drive strong monthly recurring revenue growth for Rock Solid

The numbers tell the story. Since moving to the AdaptiveNOC, engineer productivity is up. The profitability of managed service agreements is up. Our monthly recurring revenue grew 30 percent last year, and this year we’re on track to achieve 40 percent growth.

Dan Gross, Co-Founder & Vice President, Rock Solid Technology Solutions

In 2017, California MSP Rock Solid Technology Solutions was among the first MSPs to migrate to the AdaptiveNOC, a new cloud service designed to free MSPs from the time and cost of operating their own NOC in house.

Key differentiators for AdaptiveNOC include availability of the market-leading LogicMonitor software – now affordable for smaller MSPs. Plus a sophisticated SOC (Security Operations Center) service which gives MSPs all the endpoint, system and network security products required to deliver a formidable ‘defence in depth’ service.


AdaptiveNOC customers can pick and choose which of these services to use and pay based on a monthly per-seat fee, with no license costs or maintenance charges. 


Raft of benefits

Rock Solid Co-Founder & Vice President Dan Gross reports a raft of benefits flowing from the switch to AdaptiveNOC.


He says Rock Solid had been running its own NOC services in house during the previous 12 years and although considerable expertise had been built up in tuning the platform to work well for customers, the routine of maintaining and operating its own NOC had become a significant drain on resources.


The routine of setting up policies and rules was a big chore, he recalls.


“Just handling routine patches would burn up around 15 hours a month of senior technician time.


“Now, we have a NOC server that’s always set up and fully developed. Policies, rules, patches, issues, outages are all taken care of without burning up valuable technician time. That’s a huge time saver, freeing up my time and technicians’ time to spend with customers.


“Now, instead of licensing fees and the major visible and invisible resource costs of running our own NOC, we have a fixed monthly fee from the AdaptiveNOC for an environment that’s fully developed and working and is constantly kept current. And if something goes wrong then they fix it, not me.”


Dan Gross says that on top of the operational benefits have come the bottom line business benefits from being able to redeploy resources from running their own NOC into other more productive client-focused activities likely to grow the business.


At the same time, a higher quality of service has increased client satisfaction with lower customer churn rates directing contributing to Rock Solid’s steady monthly growth in recurring revenue.


LogicMonitor saves 100s of hours of technician time

Dan Gross says the integration of LogicMonitor into the AdaptiveNOC service is an important factor in improving service quality.


“Using the AdaptiveNOC has made LogicMonitor really affordable and has significantly contributed to faster call resolution rates. We can get a much more granular and complete view of our clients’ infrastructure, homing in immediately on problems we normally wouldn’t have been able to find.”


He cites two examples. One of Rock Solid’s larger clients is a professional club with a number of point of sale systems that were locking up. Rock Solid’s technical team couldn’t find any issues with their app server, or the point of sale hardware, or the network connections. But using the ability of LogicMonitor to look at every element of the client’s infrastructure, over time or at a single point in time, very quickly identified that the POS systems were locking up whenever the file server was running a backup. From there it was a quick and easy fix.


A second example relates to a highly technical issue with VMware caused by ‘Cstops’. Cstop errors are a symptom of too many processors being assigned. LogicMonitor quickly homed in on the problem and a rapid resolution was made possible. 


“These are just two examples of how LogicMonitor has saved us hundreds of hours chasing down client infrastructure issues,” Dan Gross says.


Collaboration with Xcellerate community

“Another big advantage of the AdaptiveNOC comes from the confidence and trust we have collaborating with a fellow member of the Xcellerate community. Being able to pick up the phone and get immediate action is critical. An example is the response to a very dangerous piece of malware that came out last year, hitting Europe early in the morning our time. We found a potential fix on an online message board that we could run on our client endpoints to block the malware. I sent this through to the AdaptiveNOC, they tested it and wrote a script that we rolled out over a 1000 endpoints within two hours.  That malware could have been a disaster for some of our clients, but instead we were able to send out an email telling our clients that if they were concerned about the malware then ‘don’t worry, we’ve fixed it’.


“Also as part of the Xcellerate member collaboration, we’re working with Adaptive to build out the Security Operating Centre (SOC) to augment the AdaptiveNOC. And, in turn, Adaptive is looking at sharing our IP in managing integrated telephony solutions for our clients.


Bottom line benefits

“The bottom line is that the AdaptiveNOC is making a strong contribution to our high customer satisfaction levels. We’ve been able to spend more time on bringing on new customers and at the same time the profitability of our managed service agreements has gone up as the productivity of our engineers has increased.


“The numbers tell the story. Our monthly recurring revenue grew 30 percent last year. This year we’re on track to achieve 40 percent growth,” Dan Gross said.

About Rock Solid Technology Solutions

Rock Solid Technology Solutions is a mid-sized MSP in Thousand Oaks, California, delivering a fully-managed IT service solution to a loyal core of SMB customers. Since co-owners Lee Morgan and Dan Gross joined forces in 2007, the Rock Solid Technology value proposition has evolved beyond ‘break-fix’ to ‘business optimisation’ – proactively helping their customers plan, implement and manage the best value IT infrastructure for their particular business. Services span cloud and onsite server support, networking, mobile systems and applications, security, and integrated phone and data. As the name indicates, the company’s mission is to provide a rock solid IT environment for their clients.


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