How outsourcing your NOC creates a ‘virtuous circle’ in growing your MSP

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

From a strategic perspective, a major benefit of subscribing to a cloud NOC is that it frees up resources to focus on higher value business improvement activities, rather than routine support and maintenance.

By standardizing, automating and optimizing support systems and processes our NOC creates the time and space for our MSP customers to move up the value chain and put their creative energy into finding ways of improving their customers’ businesses – not just maintaining the status quo.

Operating and maintaining an in-house NOC can be a distraction for smaller MSPs as they scale their business. They love being hands on with their customers' networks. Often, that’s their comfort zone. They are not so skilled, or comfortable, investing their time in the more strategic aspects of growing their business; such as building a sales force, developing and running brand building and lead generation campaigns, hiring, coaching and retaining new talent, building and growth plan for the business and managing to achieve that plan on the daily basis.

It’s only when MSPs take the plunge and onboard with the AdaptiveNOC that they really appreciate the ‘virtuous circle’ outsourcing their NOC creates. Their engineers become more productive and the profitability of their managed service contracts improves. Faster remediation times improve customer satisfaction and open up a positive climate to add new services.

AdaptiveNOC is key to this virtuous circle, making it simpler and faster to sell a more differentiated set of Managed Services that are the distilled best practices of years of working on best-of-breed tool-sets. AdaptiveNOC customers can confidently sell a top-class service at all times and still have it be quick and easy to bring on board new customers while maintaining a highly profitable service.

Once upon a time good customer service was a differentiator, now it’s expected. So keeping and growing your customers means having the time and business focus that has you truly involved in their decision making process and having a deep relationships with them.

You can’t do that if your head, and your time, is buried in back-end systems. The AdaptiveNOC frees our MSPs to be more engaged and build the relationships with their clients that their customers want and deserve. Our NOC is a key part of helping you make the shift and focus on growing your customers’ business, not their infrastructure.

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Blog author: Ken Davis, Advisory Board Member, AdaptiveNOC.


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