AdaptiveNOC launches market-first Advanced Monitoring cloud service

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

AdaptiveNOC has launched a standalone Advanced Monitoring service for MSPs, making it easy and cost effective to leverage the power of LogicMonitor to win new customers and extend services to existing customers.

AdaptiveNOC Advisory Board Member, Ken Davis, says the availability of LogicMonitor via the cloud model is a market first for the SMB market. The AdaptiveNOC Advanced Monitoring cloud service is accessible and affordable for smaller MSPs, but is equally suitable for larger MSPs that want to free themselves from the time and cost of ownership entailed with an in-house system.

Davis says the new Advanced Monitoring cloud service has four key and compelling benefits for MSPs: the ability to monitor Virtual Hosts; speed of remediation; competitive advantage in winning new business; and the ability to monitor every element of a customer’s network, including line-of-business applications.

“Our partners can now take their monitoring to a much higher level for their customers. They can monitor virtual hosts, both in the cloud and on premise. They can monitor customer critical line-of-business applications in real time. They can monitor system, network and internet performance with fine granularity, spotting failures in RAID arrays and performance states on individual network devices. They can monitor clouds, including AWS and Azure. Remediation becomes much simpler. For example if there’s a problem with bandwidth, the MSP can drill right down and tell the internet provider exactly what the problem is.

“Being able to monitor line-of-business apps is a very powerful capability and point of difference,” Davis says. “Most MSPs can’t extend monitoring to the real-time performance of critical line-of-business apps. Our Advanced Monitoring service lets them do precisely that, enabling them to spot issues that might stop the app from functioning, and take action to fix the problem before the app goes down.”

He says the launch of Advanced Monitoring as a standalone cloud service is an extension to the existing AdaptiveNOC cloud service.

The AdaptiveNOC is the result of a five-year development process, distilling the best capabilities from industry-leading platforms such as ConnectWise, Kaseya and LogicMonitor and integrating these with proprietary systems and processes.

“Of all the benefits delivered by our NOC, the advanced monitoring capabilities are providing the biggest “Wow” factor for our first partners as they come on board,” Davis says.

“Most RMM tools are great for remote maintenance but not very good at monitoring. When you combine the AdaptiveNOC RMM tools with LogicMonitor’s superior performance monitoring, you get a whole new order of functionality and competitive advantage.”

He says MSPs can choose to access Advanced Monitoring as a standalone service, or as part of the full AdaptiveNOC service – an option not available with any other cloud NOC service. This gives MSPs the option of operating their own RMM platform if they prefer, while adding Advanced Monitoring as a cloud service. The AdaptiveNOC gives MSPs a strong technical advantage over similarly-sized and larger competitors, Davis says.

“AdaptiveNOC’s customers have a potent new weapon when competing for new business – armed with the most capable and sophisticated advanced monitoring available on the market today. It’s not just a cool widget, but actually makes it much easier to sell services to new customers. It provides very strong differentiation.”

AdaptiveNOC is based in the US and staffed by experts who assist with triage and escalation and who can act as spare capacity to solve issues faster and help roll out best practices and solutions quicker.

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