Adaptive’s Security Operations Center (SOC) key to major new contract for L.A. Computer Works

AdaptiveNOC customer L.A. Computer Works is well underway implementing one of the largest single managed services support contracts in its history.

“Without AdaptiveNOC we wouldn’t have been able bid for, let alone win, such a large contract spanning the client’s LA headquarters and 64 remote locations across Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa. The real time SOC and 24-hour support were key elements in the win.” Michael Reuben, Founder and CEO / President, L.A. Computer Works.
Michael Reuben, CEO/President, L.A. Computer Works

The customer is an LA-based venture capital firm developing a national franchise business. From its LA headquarters the company operates 64 locations in three states, with that number forecast to double within the next two years.

L.A. Computer Works CEO Michael Reuben says the contracted monthly service fee of $14,400 covers remote monitoring and support for 81 workstations and laptops including the LA headquarters and each of the 64 current remote locations. In addition to remote monitoring, security and support, L.A. Computer Works expects additions to the contract to fully outsource all IT operations. This includes integrating services with the incumbent POS software provider.

Separate from the service contract, L.A. Computer Works has provisioned and configured new workstations and laptops for the 16-person management team.

“A critical element in winning the contract was our capability – via the AdaptiveNOC – to offer a truly state-of-the-art Security Operations Center, that actively monitors cyber threats in real time including ransomware, malware and viruses. The security package also includes an enterprise level web security application, two factor authentication, password management, a Dark Web monitoring service and full cyber security training across the organization,” Michael Reuben says.

“Without AdaptiveNOC we wouldn’t have been able to bid for, let alone win, such a large contract. Network and device security were extremely important in the decision-making process and the Adaptive NOC Security Operations Center, with 24x7 real time monitoring and threat detection weighed the decision heavily in our favour.

“Not only was the AdaptiveNOC a key factor in the client’s decision, the knowledge that I had their expertise and support behind me gave me the confidence to give a much stronger presentation to the client,” Reuben says.

The value of the AdaptiveNOC was further illustrated when a newly-configured laptop was stolen from one of the franchise locations.

“Within hours the AdaptiveNOC had put in place a number of measures to locate the device and protect confidential data. This includes a script to wipe the hard drive as soon as the device was connected to the internet. The customer was highly impressed by the speed and effectiveness of our response,” Reuben says.

He says the win is particularly welcome as L.A. Computer Works rebuilds its business after tough times in 2009 and 2010, when mortgage companies comprising a large segment of their customer base fell victim to the LA housing recession. Now, he says, L.A. Computer Works is back in growth mode, with a plan to double revenue over the next two years.


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